New Standard for Secure Payments

Litpay offers a pioneering payment system with a built-in anti-fraud model based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.


of customers prioritize security over transaction speed


of Polish SMEs experience up to 50 cyberattacks annually

10m zł

 is the annual loss from fraud for every 10th corporation in Poland

10m zł

is also a potential saving for each of them!


How do we secure
online transactions?

The rising cybercrime is increasingly driven by AI. Litpay continuously learns new fraud techniques and analyzes transactions to effectively protect your customers.


We base user understanding on over 5000 attributes in areas such as customer behavior, digital fingerprint, and network connection characteristics

Artificial intelligence

We employ AI and ML solutions in our decision-making engine

Data encryption

All data is encrypted, with the most sensitive information stored using state-of-the-art technologies

Convenience and Security

Litpay is compatible with all major online payment methods.

Payment gateway

with anti-fraud system

Litpay is a payment gateway using the most technologically advanced cyber security tools from Nethone, the market leader in online transaction protection. Our system protects against:

Scam attempts and theft

Unauthorized transactions

Money laundering


Implementation of secure


Identifying needs and tailoring the offer to your business


Support during the implementation of our system in your company


Periodic reports on detected fraud attempts

Litpay is entered in the list of Small Payment Institutions of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority and operates in compliance with the EU PSD2 Directive.


How corporations assessed the scale of fraud threats in 2023


50% of banks in Poland observe an increase in fraudulent events – compared to 34% the previous year


100 % of corporations in Poland admit to being victims of fraudulent events – up from 88% in 2022


is the scale of annual losses acknowledged by every tenth corporation

Fraud losses

chart for Polish companies in 2023


Under 100k zł


101k – 500k zł


501k – 1m zł


1,1m – 10m zł


Above 10m zł


I don’t know, it’s hard to say

What are the most common ways of fraud?

Suspected emails

Fake invoices for payment


Goods / services fraud


Don't know

What are the most common fraud risks?


Customer data theft


 Employee-initiated fraud


Loss of goods




According to our research, 100000zł is the average loss due to a single fraud incident reported by one-third of victimized companies.

Source: "BIK Anti-Fraud Report 2023. Individual and Business Customers. Threats and Protection."

Ensure your customers comfort and security

By offering your users the Litpay gateway, you provide them with payments using a state-of-the-art fraud prevention system. Their sense of security is an added advantage for your business.


How is Litpay different from other e-payment gateways?

Litpay has an advanced system that protects against:

  1. Phishing and theft attempts
  2. Unauthorized transactions
  3. Money laundering
What is the implementation of the Litpay gateway like?

Implementation takes place in a few simple steps:

  1. We provide API
  2. We generate access keys
  3. And customers may tense up
Can I implement Litpay into my e-commerce?

Yes, Litpay can be implemented on any e-commerce website.

Which customers does Litpay not work with?
Litpay will not cooperate with the following clients due to unacceptable risks related to money laundering and terrorist financing:
  1. Activity related to pornography or prostitution;
  2. Payment services activities operating without appropriate authorization*;
  3. Shell companies and financial institutions;
  4. Unregistered Charitable Organizations or those operating without appropriate authorization*;
  5. Trade, distribution, production and activities related to illicit drugs, substances designed to mimic illegal drugs and equipment intended for the production or use of drugs;
  6. Binary options trading;
  7. Political and religious organizations;
  8. Production or trade in any product or activity deemed to be illegal under the laws or regulations of the EU or host country or international conventions and agreements;
  9. Casinos, entities organizing games of chance and games of skill/gambling operating without appropriate authorisation *;
  10. Obligated entities operating without appropriate authorization*;
  11. Trade in weapons and military equipment;
  12. Nightclubs;
  13. Production of explosives;
  14. Goods and services containing hate speech based on ethnic, racial, religious or ideological grounds.
*Appropriate authorization means, for example, a license, entry in the appropriate register, in the case of entities where such a license is required by national or international regulations or is a standard in the industry.
What industries does Litpay classify as high risk?
High-risk customers/sectors related to anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing include:
  1. Scrap trade;
  2. Used car dealers/car/boat/airplane dealers;
  3. Currency exchange offices with appropriate authorization*;
  4. Activities in the field of virtual currencies with appropriate authorization*
  5. Pawnshops with the appropriate authorisation*;
  6. Trade in fuels and heating materials;
  7. Intermediaries in the trade of luxury goods (e.g. works of art, antiques, precious stones, jewelry) having appropriate authorisation *;
  8. Casinos, entities organizing games of chance and games of skill/gambling appropriate authorization*;
  9. Lending companies with appropriate authorization*;
  10. Money transfers with appropriate authorization*;
  11. Real estate trade with appropriate authorization*;
  12. Energy trading, CO2 limits;
  13. Travel agencies;
  14. Foundations, associations with appropriate permission*;
  15. Advisory services (consulting);
  16. Waste segregation and disposal;
  17. Electronics trade;
  18. Financial intermediation;
  19. Crude oil;
  20. Precious metals;
  21. Tobacco and alcohol products;
  22. Cultural artifacts;
  23. Ivory;
  24. Protected species or other objects of archaeological or historical importance, cultural and religious or of particular scientific value;
  25. Crowdfunding (crowdfunding) having appropriate authorisation *;
  26. Pharmaceutical companies, production of medicines and supplements, trading companies dietary supplements/steroids/cosmetics;
  27. Initial Coin Offering (a form of crowdfunding);
  28. Banks, financial institutions and other payment service providers with appropriate authorization*.
*Appropriate authorization means, for example, a license, entry in the appropriate register, in the case of entities where such a license is required by national or international regulations or is a standard in the industry.

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