Complete digital payment system with
a built-in anti-fraud system


Digital payments

Digital payments

At Litpay we know that in industries with high value transactions much more is needed than just efficient payment handling.

At Litpay we know that the absolute priority is the security of transactions, your company’s data as well as your clients’ data and transactions.

At Litpay safety and reliability are paramount. All data is encrypted and we store the most sensitive information offline.

anti-fraud system based on artificial intelligence (AI) and ML machine learning)

For the biggest companies we have created
a pioneering on the Polish market, integrated security system against unauthorized transactions, fraud and theft attempts,
and money laundering.

The system includes:

multi-level customer identity verification (KYC),

anti-money laundering procedures (AML and AML5),

anti-fraud analytics, including collecting over 5,000 digital data points based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Safety and convenience

Litpay allows you to accept payments from your customers in any possible way while meeting the highest security requirements.

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